5 Common mistakes among Web Designers

The design of a website is a distinct process. We all know about that everybody have diferent taste when it comes to design, but when you have to please the customers and the design must express a certain state, saying the above does not apply.

The main common mistakes for Web Designers:

1. Approaching web design without informing yourself about the project

Some find it quite normal, others find it unthinkable. For a website to be appreciated and to be successful it must be created for the user. When talking about the lack of information on the project I am talking about customer preferences, how they would like it to look, if already has a logo, if they already have some representative of their brand colors etc .. All these details are extremely important in website development - both to please the client and to please visitors.

2. Do as you please with the project

Many designers have pride and sometimes have fixed ideas. Many web designers think what they say is right, making the website after their liking and not after what the client or target audience wants. This is not only a challenge for designers and often happens that clients have fixed viewpoints. As a designer, you need to understand who is the target audience of the website. If possible try to get in touch with people in the "target audience" and ask for their opinion about the website. Listen to what they have to say and use what you learn in the process to design a better website.

3. Misunderstanding customer sales technique

Every business has its own method that sells and this should be seriously considered when accomplish a logo. It can be anything from a secret formula (Coca-Cola), innovation and technology (Apple), superior audio experience (Beats headphones) to Authenticity (Google). Check how a website design agency looks like.

4. brand positioning

When we create a website for a client, we must know its market situation, we must know how the brand is known and what image he created so far. For example, if our client is a company that produces and sells chocolate at modest prices, we must not realize a website that gives the impression of authority, luxury and elegance. Because it would not be just like our customer describe its product.

5. Lack of documentation and informing

What I mean is that many designers do not even considering other sites in the area that you are about to design. It happens that some web design companies have already prepared questionnaires for the potential client, and designers are starting to do their job without even analyzing a website in that category.

This a questionnaire with questions about the future of the website is a good idea, but you should not limit ourselves here. We also have questionnaires for each of our clients, but besides their responses that help us get an idea of what they want from us and from our website, we also analyze the competition to see how well we fit market.

Ugly websites are everywhere in online, behind every such design is a web designer. A person created that design. In most cases the designers behind those sites are simply incompetent.

They are often amateur designer or web designers who do not have enough experience, or even people who have built their own website based on the books in bookstores that are over 10 years old.

Yet, there are designers who have made a career in this business and all sites built out. There were moments when that perfect designer was able to build a quality website design that please even the most picky visitor, but now builds websites simply ridiculous.

Think for a moment: If someone finds an internet site that impressed and is looking for a designer, then he will try to find the one who created the site that impressed. So if someone likes the looks of '90s design of a site, then you still in touch with designers who performs such sites.

Let's go back, if you set your standards low quality, then you will enjoy only such projects. So I suggest you keep your work to the highest standards and will not only attract more customers but you will improve as a web designer.

Therefore, it is better to learn from others mistakes than from our mistakes!