What should a website designer know?

Although there are plenty of web design courses , cheaper or more expensive, most often they do not teach you the practical part of web design. Notions like User Interaction, Human Centered Design and Information Architecture are not even mentioned and they all promise that you will learn web design, you will receive a diploma and you will be able to employ as a web designer.


But the reality is different. It's very hard to hire someone just because it has a diploma without a solid base of practical and theoretical knowledge and without a relevant portfolio.


Is it worth to become a web designer?

Holding Dollars in Hand

Yeah, you can say that everyone is doing web design these days, and that sites are now just by clicks, and this profession has already spread too much, and because of this you no longer earn from it so good, but i belive it is the future. Well, I can compare it with the construction profession, there are those who build big houses and monuments, and there are those building huts. Those who are able to raise monuments, ie sites as very serious and, I am convinced that they will make real money from this.


How to become a web designer - you have to learn?


If you want to learn web design, if you want to become a designer and you want to alway have work, then you have to learn programming, not necessarily at a very advanced level.


  1. The first step towards this profession is learning the language HTML - is a language interpreted by the browser. it is very simple and easy to learn.
  2. You have to learn CSS , ie Cascading Style Sheet, which can define the styles used in a web page, a good practice will be to use Google Chrome and inspect some the CSS of other websites and play with the styles.
  3.  Of course Photoshop or another graphics program more advanced. For myself i use Photoshop and even Paint to do simple graphics, like resizing pictures, it is easy to learn and has lots of futures.
  4. After you mastered the 3 above and you want to do things more complex, you have to learn a language Server side , that a programming language to work with databases server, and which can take security measures. A very good and popular language is PHP CPC, which I recommend it, but you can choose Perl or .NET if you want to work on the Windows platform.
  5. Javascript technology AJAX is a client side language that also is Widely used by the largest IT companies, such as Google or Facebook.


How to make a professional website?

CMS Wordpress Media Button

If you want to make a professional website and you know only a bit of programming you can again use the software WordPress , which is not only a blogging software, but is also an excellent CMS. (CMS = Content Management System) . Another very good and known CMS is Drupal which again can be used with great ease and does not cost money.