All you need to know about meta description

What is a meta description?

Pure definition would be "an html attribute that provides a concise description of the content of a web page".

Meta description is the text that appears under each title of web pages returned by search engines for certain keywords. Below you have a print screen in this respect, in this way you can better understand and limit its intake to the user.

Meta description example

Do we need meta description for our websites?

Yes, the reasons are the following:

  • You will increase your CTR(Click-through rate) and thus organic visits of your site.

After testing, the click rate has a great impact on the results displayed by search engines. A prepared text will definitely attract more clicks, more traffic and therefore implicitly better positioning.

  • Give visitors the information they need

Choose to publish a meta description that captures the whole idea of the page and visitors will have a much better overview about the found destination.

  • Link meta description with Social Media

Any like or share that a visitor will give to your page will include brief description related to the web page. If missing, the description will be completed by the first sentence of the page, which may not necessarily be positive in terms of the idea that you want to send.

What actually helps to establish a meta descriptions really strong?

For each blog, internal page of the site, product category, product, or any other section of your site, choose to create original meta descriptions with a strong impact on your visitors.

Here are the ways you can achieve this:

  • Build landing page idea

Specifically, through a commonplace phrase of 155 characters, you need to define in detail what the visitor will find after you visit the site. 

  • Keywords for proper SEO impact

In terms of SEO, the title and meta description should include relevant keywords, which will promote the page. Search engine understand better what's going on in that page and the chances to better position yourself in front of the competition increase considerably. Choose to optimize each page for a particular phrase.

  • Max 155 characters

155 characters is a limit to consider if you put your hand to edit your pages meta descriptions.

  • Avoid excessive keywords - do not duplicate

Suppose you have a basic keyword called "Design", including this word once in the meta description is sufficient.

  • Do not add non-alphanumeric characters

Yes, it is possible that a sign or symbol to look pretty good in a certain context but this is not recommended. A minimalist forms, clear and clean is the perfect solution, a method adored by Google and other search engines due to the simplicity of the idea submitted.

Choose to produce quality meta descriptions for each page of your web site and you will be rewarded for your work.