Registering a domain

What is a domain?

Field, shorthand for the public Internet is an alphanumeric notation(preceded by "www") whereby you can access sites on the Internet. Example:,

One area is allocated the domain name and extension.

If the name you can create as you wish, extensions are fixed and must choose one of the available extensions.
The most popular extensions are: .Com, .EU, .Com, .org, .net, .info.
Meaning the extension is to provide additional information about the contents of the site. Thus, the.Com are usually allocated to commercial activities, .org extension is adopted and non-profit organizations, .The net has adopted by organizations in the field of computer networks, .info suggest content or news information.

Sites containing national (regional) receive extensions from each country. Thus, the Forum suggests content in English, ".Pl" suggest a site located in Poland, etc.
Recently introduced ".EU" extension was addressed to organizations and companies in the European Union.

How to register a domain registration and how much?

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To register your own domain need to find a "domain-register", an entity that reserves and to allocate the payment as a result of its consideration.
Examples of organizations that can record fields are: international extensions.

Such a register will confirm (online) whether the domain name that you thought is available, offering suggestions for alternative names, similar to those proposed by you.

Choosing a domain name is an important step both in terms of image organization (the name would be ideal to be as short and easy to remember) but also from the perspective of optimizing the site for search engines. To the extent that you included in your domain name keywords searched by users grow, the chances that your website will appear earlier in the search results list will also increase. A search results list called SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and there is major interest from owners to optimize their sites to get a more advanced position in the search list.

The price of a domain differs primarily according to extension, extension ".com" is the most popular and thus higher priced but increased competition and domain names available.

Besides the acquisition of the domain name, we will have to do some small configurations to specify where to find the content behind the domain name purchased.
We will return to this issue in one of the upcoming posts.

What's next?
With or without domain, we build a free website.
We will focus on general settings such as site structure, visual identity and principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that we adopt.